Baked Macaroni Recipe – Jann’s Special

Baked Macaroni Recipe - Jann's Special |

For quite some time my husband has been craving for lasagna or baked macaroni, he had been bugging me for almost 2 weeks every time we got into bed. So I was really pushed to look for a simple recipe that don’t require an oven to make a hearty serving of baked macaroni. If I were in the Philippines, I could have just bought for him. But here in China, it’s quite hard to find a reasonable serving of these western dishes.

I found a nice recipe on the internet and made major revisions to adjust to the ingredients available in Shanghai market (that includes affordability) especially in the making of its cream cheese topping where i used yogurt instead of milk and cream cheese, which is really what sets this baked macaroni apart from the rest. Continue reading “Baked Macaroni Recipe – Jann’s Special”