Thai Chili Peppers – Grow Indoors in Containers

Who loves hot and spicy? I do 🙂 On this project, I tried planting hot Thai Chili peppers and see if they will grow properly indoors. In just 10 days, I saw very promising results and that made me very excited. I chose Thai chili peppers because they are edible. We also use the leaves in some of our Filipino dishes. They are also very beautiful ornamental plants once they blossom. Let’s get started!

Materials to Grow Thai Chili Peppers Indoors

  1.  Recycled plastic container or Pots
  2.  Thai Chili Peppers or seeds
  3. High Quality Well-Draining Soil (I used Pro-Mix Vegetable and Herb Mix)
  4. Food film or plastic cover

1. Prepare the soil

Get your container and fill it up with the soil of your choice. I used Pro-mix vegetable and herb mix for this specific project.Thai Chili Peppers - Grow Indoors in Containers |


2. Plant the Thai Chili Pepper Seeds

I took three Thai chili peppers and just cut them over the pot with soil. I tried my best get the seeds scattered 🙂 If you bought packaged seeds, follow the instructions that came with it.

UPDATE: When the seeds started to sprout, I realized I placed too many seeds in one pot. It overcrowded so I advice just putting  at most five seeds in one pot 🙂 Use gloves to avoid burning your skin.

3. Cover the Thai Chili seeds with soil.

Slightly cover the seeds with soil. I only sprinkled enough soil to cover the seeds and watered it lightly just to keep the soil moist.

4. Cover the pot with food film (optional)

Covering the pot with food film or plastic cover is optional especially if you live in a warmer area. If you live in long cold winter areas like I do, I recommend you to cover your pot as shown below. This helps keep moisture. It also helps keep the seeds warm. I left a small opening for air ventilation.

5. Give your Thai chili peppers lots of sun!

Chili peppers loves full sunshine and warm temperatures. Since we are growing them indoors, put them in the sunniest part of your house. I placed mine on the windowsill of a south-facing window. The seeds normally germinate in 7 – 10 days.

Thai Chili Peppers - Grow Indoors in Containers |

6. Once they sprout, water water water!

Once your Thai chili peppers sprouts, give them lots and lots of water. I watered them until water flowed under pot. I also removed the plastic cover as they can now stand cooler temperatures.

7. Transplant them

Once they’re a bit bigger, you can now transplant them. Ideally one seedling per container if you plan to keep them indoors. You can also plant them directly in your backyard if you have warm weathers. I moved mine to a bigger container but it’s still very crowded 🙂 I’ll be transplanting them soon in separate containers when it gets warmer outside. To transplant, take a seedling by its leaf and soften the soil around it with a stick or pencil. Gently lift the seedling up when soil loosens. Do not take it by the stem as it easily bruises.

Thai Chili Peppers - Grow Indoors in Containers |

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Once you have the seedling, transplant it into its own pot half-filled with soil. Add additional soil and pat it in place to secure the seedling. Water it. That’s it! Keep your Thai chili pepper happy! I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to comment and share!

Thai Chili Peppers - Grow Indoors in Containers |

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