Grow Watercress Indoors Using Containers

Watercress is a super healthy plant rich in vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent vegetable source for Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Watercress is also rich in Calcium. They thrive in slow moving waters or along natural springs. My wife bought some watercress from the supermarket and I thought it was pricey 🙂 hehehe. We used to have these free back home!  So I saved some and see if I can grow watercress indoors.

Materials to Grow Watercress Indoors

  1.  Recycled plastic container
  2.  Pebbles, gravel or stones
  3.  Scissors
  4.  Watercress ( cutting or seeds )

1. Cut the watercress

Since I already have watercress bought from the supermarket, I planned to simply use and propagate them instead of starting from seeds. I took a few and cut them just below the leaf nodes. This is where new roots usually grow. Alternatively, you can start with Non-GMO Watercress Seeds and simply follow the instructions on the package.

Grow Watercress Indoors Using Containers |

2. Prepare the container

I chose to use a recyclable container for this. A wide and shallow container is ideal. I also used a dark colored container because I read somewhere that it helps prevent the growth of algae. I found a bag of decorative aquarium stones which my daughter doesn’t use anymore so I opted to use it instead of pebbles or stones. These will help hold the watercress down and prevent them from floating.

Grow Watercress Indoors Using Containers |

3. Add the watercress

Just stick those watercress between the stones!
Grow Watercress Indoors Using Containers |

4. Water them!

Always make sure there’s water in the container. It’s recommended to use mineral water or alkaline water but I just used tap water for this project. 🙂

Grow Watercress Indoors Using Containers |

5. Give your watercress lots of sun!

Watercress loves full sunshine but it tolerates a little shade. Since we want to grow watercress indoors, put them in the sunniest part of your house. I placed mine on the windowsill of a south-facing window.

NOTE: During winters, make sure the temperature by your windowsill doesn’t go too cold or the frost will kill your herb

Recommended: Certified Non-GMO Watercress Seeds – Upland Cress (750)

This is how my watercress looks like after 2 weeks. See photo below!

Grow Watercress Indoors Using Containers |

I pulled some of the watercress out to see how well the roots are doing and I’m very happy that they are doing well and very healthy. White roots shows that they’re not rotting away.

Grow Watercress Indoors Using Containers |

Seems like my project to grow watercress indoors is going to be successful! Can’t wait to harvest and eat these super healthy watercress! Try it and don’t forget to drop me a comment below. I’m excited to hear from you!

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