Grow Calamansi Indoors in Pots – Philippine Lime

Grow Calamansi Indoors in Containers or Pots - Philippine Lime |

Calamansi or Philippine lime is a citrus fruit tree that bears small edible fruits rich in Vitamin C. It tastes very sour and sometimes a little bitter but the peel is sweet. Calamansi is not readily available here in Edmonton. Only a few stores sell them and I find them a bit pricey so I decided to try and grow calamansi indoors .

It is usually used in cooking or marinading because of the great flavor it gives. Sore throat? Drink calamansi juice with honey 🙂 Eating Filipino food, grilled meat or sea foods? You need a simple Filipino dip to go with it – soy sauce mixed with calamansi and chili! Now I’m getting hungry 🙂 Let’s get started and grow calamansi indoors !! Continue reading “Grow Calamansi Indoors in Pots – Philippine Lime”

Thai Chili Peppers – Grow Indoors in Containers

Thai Chili Peppers - Grow Indoors in Containers |

Who loves hot and spicy? I do 🙂 On this project, I tried planting hot Thai Chili peppers and see if they will grow properly indoors. In just 10 days, I saw very promising results and that made me very excited. I chose Thai chili peppers because they are edible. We also use the leaves in some of our Filipino dishes. They are also very beautiful ornamental plants once they blossom. Let’s get started! Continue reading “Thai Chili Peppers – Grow Indoors in Containers”

Grow Ginger Indoors in Containers or Pots

Grow Ginger Indoors in Containers or Pots |

After trying to grow several herbs indoors, I decided to try if I can grow ginger indoors. My wife loves using gingers in most of her special and tasty Filipino and Asian recipes. I thought this could save us some money and at the same time make sure that our ginger doesn’t have any harmful chemicals on it. I love having everything FRESH and NATURAL! Continue reading “Grow Ginger Indoors in Containers or Pots”

Replace iPhone 5 Battery (How-to Step-by-step)

How to Replace iphone 5 battery |

Does your iPhone keep dying on you? Display shows 35% – 60%, the phone rings, answer the call and it dies? Activating cellular data would basically turn your iPhone off? Or maybe playing your favorite game, about to crash the high score or win the war then it dies?! Mine did! It was very annoying especially if you are expecting a very important call. I dealt with it for about 2 months until finally I decided to do something about it. I searched online if there are replacement batteries sold for iPhone and I’m really grateful we have eBay! Now I’ll show you step by step on how to replace iPhone 5 battery and I hope it helps you out. Continue reading “Replace iPhone 5 Battery (How-to Step-by-step)”

ESD or Electrostatic Discharge Preventive Measures

How to Ground Yourself to Avoid Electrostatic Discharge or ESD |

What is ESD or Electrostatic Discharge?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact. One example is the static electricity we feel when taking our clothes out of the dryer. Another event where ESD is produced is walking across a carpet and touching a metal chair, computer monitor or even a doorknob. Most ESD are harmless in our daily household activities but it can be a problem in industrial environments. Same is true when opening up electronic devices and attempting to fix them. It can damage integrated circuits (IC) found in most electronics like computers, communication equipment (phones) and the like.

Before opening up your gadget, make sure you do these simple things to avoid ESD from zapping your cool toys! These are simple hacks you can do at home. Continue reading “ESD or Electrostatic Discharge Preventive Measures”