Replace iPhone 5 Battery (How-to Step-by-step)

How to Replace iphone 5 battery |

Does your iPhone keep dying on you? Display shows 35% – 60%, the phone rings, answer the call and it dies? Activating cellular data would basically turn your iPhone off? Or maybe playing your favorite game, about to crash the high score or win the war then it dies?! Mine did! It was very annoying especially if you are expecting a very important call. I dealt with it for about 2 months until finally I decided to do something about it. I searched online if there are replacement batteries sold for iPhone and I’m really grateful we have eBay! Now I’ll show you step by step on how to replace iPhone 5 battery and I hope it helps you out. Continue reading “Replace iPhone 5 Battery (How-to Step-by-step)”

Bible Promises for Dad – Yanna’s Father’s Day Gift

Bible Promises for Dad |

Finally! I found time to seat back and read the book Bible Promises for Dad my daughter Joyanna gave me on Father’s Day. The book has been sitting on my table for almost four months now. I thank God for my very sweet and thoughtful daughter. Every time she sees the book, she would ask me if I’ve already started reading it. I would just smile at her and answer not yet. She just smiles back at me with pure joy with no trace of disappointment on her face and voice as she says “I love you Papa”!

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