Replace iPhone 5 Battery (How-to Step-by-step)

Does your iPhone keep dying on you? Display shows 35% – 60%, the phone rings, answer the call and it dies? Activating cellular data would basically turn your iPhone off? Or maybe playing your favorite game, about to crash the high score or win the war then it dies?! Mine did! It was very annoying especially if you are expecting a very important call. I dealt with it for about 2 months until finally I decided to do something about it. I searched online if there are replacement batteries sold for iPhone and I’m really grateful we have eBay! Now I’ll show you step by step on how to replace iPhone 5 battery and I hope it helps you out.

Be careful and make sure you are using the correct replacement battery for the specific model. Always check the capacity of the battery. iPhone 5 battery capacity is 1440mAh.

Disclaimer: This is intended to be used for informational purposes only. You are using these directions and its contents at your own risk. Following these instructions will void your warranty. You are doing the battery replacement at your own risk.

Materials Needed:

  1. New iPhone 5 Replacement Battery
  2. Small Philips Screwdriver
  3. Small Flat Screwdriver
  4. 5-Point Star Pentalobe Torx Screwdriver
  5. Plastic Extraction Tools (Guitar Pick or Credit Card will do)
  6. Suction tool

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Okay now that we have all the necessary materials, it is very important that we get rid of any static charges before we open up the phone. We don’t want the electronic parts getting zapped with ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). Please read -> How to Prevent ESD or Electrostatic Discharge

Now that you’re all setup and grounded let’s replace that battery!

1. Inventory

It’s always a great idea to double check and make sure all the materials and tools are available and within reach! It’s a waste of time and effort to open your phone and realize halfway that you’re missing something.

How to Replace iphone 5 battery |

2. Turn Your Phone OFF!

Make sure your phone is turned off before attempting to open your iPhone 5.

3. Remove Bottom Screws

Now that your phone is turned off. Look for 2 small screws at the bottom of your phone. Once located, remove them and put them aside. Make sure you don’t lose them!

4. Remove the Front Cover

After removing the screws, gently remove the front cover of your iPhone 5.

  1. Put the suction on the screen.
  2. Use the plastic prying tool or anything you have available. You can use guitar pick or credit card. I prefer using plastic materials to avoid scratches.
  3. Gently pull back the suction while slowly prying the front cover.

This can be a little tricky, exercise patience! 🙂

! Once the front cover is open, DO NOT open more than 90 degrees or the connector will break !

5. Detach the Battery Connector

Hold the front cover steady or have someone hold it for you. Keep in mind not to open the front cover more than 90 degrees.

  1. Remove the 2 screws that secures the battery connector metal plate in place.
  2. Remove the metal plate.
  3. Detach the battery connector.

6. Remove the Battery

Gently remove the battery. Take note that the battery is glued in place. I used my plastic prying tool to remove the battery.

7. Replace iPhone 5 Battery

Yes the old battery is out! Time to do the easy part.

  1. Put the new replacement battery in place.
  2. Connect the battery connector.
  3. Return the metal plate and screw it in place.


8. Close the Front Cover

We’re almost done! All we have to do now is to close and seal your iPhone 5. Gently close the front cover until it clicks in place. Screw the 2 bottom screws back in and we are done!

That’s it! Congratulations!! Now you know how to replace iPhone 5 battery. The only thing left to do is to charge your phone and enjoy it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Also, don’t forget to follow me!

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8 Replies to “Replace iPhone 5 Battery (How-to Step-by-step)”

  1. Very nice. Your instruction are easy to follow. ESD information was great to learn about also. You should maybe put that in red, to show the importance of it. thank you brother.

  2. Very imformative article! I’ve been looking for how to do this for a while now and havent found a detailed step by step guide like this so thank you. As for the materials needed, could I buy most of them on Amazon do you think?


    1. Thanks for your comment Joe! I’m encourage to know that! As for the materials, yes it is also available in Amazon. Before I bought them, I compared Amazon and eBay prices and found that eBay was slightly cheaper during that time. I also found a battery replacement kit which includes everything (battery + screwdrivers + suctions + extraction tools ) on eBay. I included the link above in orange 🙂

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